EX King Nepal Gyanendra Shah contributes Rs 20 million to COVID-19 fund

 April 1, 2020  


Doha : King Gyanendra Shah today announced that he would contribute Rs 20 million in the government fund established to fight the Coronavirus epidemic. “We have taken COVID-19 outbreak seriously as it is posing a huge threat to human civilisation and development. It has caused...

New COVID-19 Like Virus Emerged In China, Man Dies After Testing Positive For Hantavirus

 March 24, 2020  


According to a press release, a man from Yunnan, China has tested positive for Hantavirus on Monday. It is said that he had died while on his way back to Shandong Province for work on a chartered bus, according to China’s Global Times. In a...

What is it and how can I protect myself ? CoronaVirus

 March 20, 2020  


Cases of COVID-19 have been reported in a growing number of countries, including the U.S. WHO declared a global pandemic in March 2020. Public health groups, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are monitoring...